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CD play lists and sample tracks

Details of the music on Hepworth Band’s CDs. Click on the to hear a short sample.

Yorkshire Heritage

Yorkshire Heritage

1. A Yorkshire Fanfare. 
Barry Russell (1:08).
2. Last of the Summer Wine. 
Ronnie Hazlehurst arr. W. Rumford (4:02).
3. A Brown Bird Singing. 
Haydn Wood arr. J.T. Dodd (2:55). Cornet solo: Andrew Holmes.
4. Worth Valley Railway
 from Three Haworth Impressions. Gordon Langford (3:36).
5. John Dunbar Theme
 from Dances with Wolves. John Barry (5:32).
6. Three Dale Dances. 
Arthur Wood (9:27).
7. Scarborough Fair. 
Traditional arr. Eric Crees (5:30).
8. March: Pennine Way. 
Maurice Johnstone (3:57).
9. Deep Harmony. 
Handel Parker arr. Roy Newsome (3:22).
10. The Fifth of August. 
Traditional based on Brigg Fair. Frederick Delius arr. Gordon Langford (4:36).
11. I Find Your Love. 
Beth Nielsen Chapman & Patrick Doyle (3:15). Flugel Horn solo: Katherine Bentham.
12. All Creatures Great and Small. 
Johnny Pearson arr. Goff Richards (2:12).
13. The Lass of Richmond Hill. 
Traditional arr. Darrell Barry (4:13).
14. A Yorkshire Fantasy. 
Goff Richards (5:35).
15. Jerusalem. 
William Blake and C. Hubert H. Parry arr. Sydney Herbert (2:23).
Celebration CD cover


1. Famous March Lights Out. 
Earl McCoy arr. Mark Bentham (3:15).
2. Prelude And Capriccio For Cornet And Band. 
Edward Gregson (8:24). Cornet solo: Robert Westacott.
3. Songs Of Sailor And Sea I: 
Sea Shanty. Robert W Smith arr. Toshiyuki Nizuma (2:43).
4. Songs of Sailor and Sea II: 
Whale Song (2:58).
5. Songs of Sailor and Sea III: 
Racing The Yankee Clipper (2:17).
6. Flowerdale 
 from Hymn To The Highlands. Philip Sparke (4:32). Soprano solo: Mark Smedley.
7. A Hepworth Celebration I: 
Plague. Peter Meechan (3:20).
8. A Hepworth Celebration II: 
Hymn (3:58).
9. A Hepworth Celebration III: 
Finale (2:34).
10. Michelangelo. 
Sigvart Dagsland arr. Frode Rydland (5:37).
11. Saltarello 
 from Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 90 “The Italian”. Felix Mendelssohn arr. Geoff Colmer (5:31).
12. Concertino For Horn. 
Carl Maria von Weber arr. David Dye (9:01).
13. Isaiah 40. 
Robert Redhead (13:24).
Pratty Flowers

Pratty Flowers

1. Pratty Flowers. 
Joe Perkins arr. Mark Bentham (1:06).
2. The Wizard. 
George Allen (5:33).
3. La Califfa. 
Ennio Morricone arr. Mark Bentham (3:54). Soprano Cornet solo: Mark Smedley
4. Fives & Threes. 
John Golland (3:42).
5. Adagio 
 from Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27. Serge Rachmaninoff arr. Ray Farr. (5:09). Cornet solo: Robert Westacott.
6. Devil’s Galop. 
Charles Williams arr. Mark Bentham (2:56).
7. Beneath The Willows. 
Philip Harper (4:38).
8. Elephant Love Medley 
 from Moulin Rouge. Craig Armstrong arr. Mark Bentham (4:32).
9. Carnival of Venice. 
Jean-Baptiste Arban arr. Mark Bentham (5:16). Tenor Horn solo: Chris Pannell
10. A Little Prayer. 
Evelyn Glennie arr. Mark Bentham (3:18).
11. Rainy Day In Rio. 
Goff Richards (7:00). Bass Trombone solo: Graham Starr.
12. Get Happy. 
Harold Arlen (2:07).
13. Flower Song. 
Georges Bizet arr. Howard Snell (4:13). Euphonium solo: Emma Farrow.
14. Take Five. 
Dave Brubeck arr. Mark Bentham (4:17).
15. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square. 
Manning Sherwin arr. Howard Snell (6:00). Trombone solo: Yvonne Embury.
16. Coronation Scene 
from Boris Godunov. Modest Mussorgsky arr. Philip Littlemore (4:11).
Shining Waters

Shining Waters

1. Introduction: Theme & Variations. 
2. Romance. 
3. Tango. 
4. Shining Waters. 
Trumpet solo: Peter Masseurs (6:25).
5. Lullaby. 
6. Seaside Impressions I: 
Sounds from the Promenade—Duet for cornet and euphonium in three movements. Euphonium solo: James Fieldhouse (5:21).
7. Seaside Impressions II: 
A Sultry Night On The Beach. (7:41).
8. Seaside Impressions III: 
Sandcastles. (6:30).
9. Love’s End. 
Trumpet solo: Peter Masseurs (4:21).
10. Song For B. 
11. Carnival Of Venice. 
12. Chanson Pastorale. 
Portraits In Brass

Portraits In Brass

1. Trumpet Concerto in A flat major. 
Alexander Arutunian (18:38).
2. Concertino for Trombone Op. 4—I: 
Allegro maestoso. Ferdinand David (6:07).
3. Concertino for Trombone Op. 4—II: 
Marcia funebre. (4:19).
4. Concertino for Trombone Op. 4—III: 
Allegro maestoso. (4:46).
5. Portraits. 
Huug Steketee (15:27).
6. Concerto For French Horn and Brass Band—I: 
Allegro non troppo. Edward Gregson (5:04).
7. Concerto For French Horn and Brass Band—II: 
Andante cantabile. (7:03).
8. Concerto For French Horn and Brass Band—III: 
Allegro brioso. (5:01).
9. Quartet: For Four and Jean-Baptiste. 
Huug Steketee (2:41).

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